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AG Steffen Ormanns

Research outline

Our research projects focus mainly on pancreatic cancer and other gastrointestinal malignancies.
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is a devastating disease with mortality rates close to incidence rates. The majority of pancreatic cancer is detected at an advanced stage, when metastasis occurred. In a minority of the cases, curative intent surgical resection is an option or resectability can be achieved by neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
In our group, there are two major lines of research:

  1. Translational research projects are carried out in close cooperation with the oncology research group (“AG Onkologie”) at the Department of Internal Medicine III, University Hospital Großhadern (Prof. Stefan Böck, Prof. Volker Heinemann). To identify possible novel therapeutic targets, we study the association of biomarkers, such as protein expression or mutational status of oncogenes to the patients´ clinical outcome and therapy response in advanced pancreatic cancer as well as resected pancreatic cancer.
  2. Additionally, we extend, further examine and confirm these findings in a basic line of research, using a broad spectrum of cell culture methods. Thus, we want to elucidate the functional implications of biomarkers in the biologic behavior of pancreatic cancer cells, focusing on malignant traits and chemotherapy resistance.

We are a translational research group working as a link between clinical and basic research, embedded in multidisciplinary collaborative networks at Ludwig-Maximilians-University top ranking on national and European level (see Our overall goal is to improve the outcome and therapy of patients affected by pancreatic cancer and other malignant solid gastrointestinal tumors through identification and evaluation of possible novel therapeutic targets or predictive biomarkers.


Steffen Ormanns, PD Dr. med.
principal investigator





Stephan Ledderose, Dr. med
Michael Günther, cand. med., MD thesis student
Lina Gil,, MD thesis student
Melanie Alexandra Palm,, MD thesis student
Iduna Liou, M.Sc., cand. med., MD thesis student
Christian Buschmeier, cand. med., MD thesis student

Dr. med. Sibylle Rietzler, née Bächmann
Dr. med. Anna Remold ( Koop AG Onkologie)
Anna Preinfalk (Koop AG Onkologie)





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